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Single Family / Demolition Info

With the authority granted under the Soil Erosion and Sediment Control Act, the Morris County Soil Conservation District regulates all construction projects that disturb over 5000 square feet of soil in Morris County (excluding exempt municipalities). In the Act, a “project” is defined as the following:

“Project” means any disturbance of more than 5,000 square feet of the surface area of land (1) for the accommodation of construction for which the State Uniform Construction Code would require a construction permit, except that the construction of a single-family dwelling unit shall not be deemed a “project” under this act unless such unit is part of a proposed subdivision, site plan, conditional use, zoning variance, planned development or construction permit application involving two or more such single family dwelling units, (2) for the demolition of one or more structures, (3) for the construction of a parking lot, (4) for the construction of a public facility, (5) for the operation of any mining or quarrying activity, or (6) for the clearing or grading of any land for other than agricultural or horticultural purposes.

Chapter 251, P. L. 1975, 4:24-41-7

Accordingly, any construction of a single family dwelling that involves the demolition of one or more structures, and/or takes place on a lot that was created after 1976 is subject to regulation by this office. Below are materials that may be necessary to obtain Certification for Soil Erosion and Sediment Control.

At the October 20, 2014 meeting of the State Soil Conservation Committee meeting the following policy regarding land disturbances with single-family construction was adopted: